Monday, September 24, 2007


We took the boys to the circus on Saturday with Uncle Luke, Aunt Liz, & Uncle Wesley. We had a great time! The boys loved most of the acts - Patrick especially loved the horses (he would grab our face and make sure we were watching whatever he liked) and Calvin loved pretty much everything (he pointed and screeched with excitement throughout the performance)! :) We weren't allowed to take pictures during the circus so we took a few before...

We had pretty good seats.

Mommy & Patrick - he was a little nervous at first. :)

The boys were mesmerized by the pre-show.

Patrick sporting the "Greatest Show on Earth" hat.

Calvin also modeling the hat.

The hat came on cotton candy which they tasted for the first time. No surprises - Calvin loved it and Patrick wasn't so into it. :) We all really enjoyed the show and would definitely go back - maybe in a couple of years.


Karen said...

The ringmaster hat photos of the boys are just adorable—it looks like they really had a blast watching the greatest show on earth.

Great to see!

Keep on blogging,

Anonymous said...

What a nice treat for the boys to go to the circus. I loved their hats. They had a great time I know, and I'm sure the rest of you enjoyed watching them as well as the show. Thanks for sharing.
I love you so much,
Great Grandma Judd