Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I've read the reports and seen some of the footage of Haiti, I'm overwhelmed. I cannot imagine the devastation, fear, and sadness. We received word that some of the orphanages and workers there were spared and the buildings had little damage and we have a friend who is headed there to help evacuate medical patients. We also know of a local man that is currently missing and we are thinking of and praying for him and his family. And we heard from Compassion International that they expect many deaths and damage to the church-based buildings that provide services and they anticipate countless needs. Our minds and hearts are heavy.

As a family, we are praying for all of the people in Haiti - those suffering tremendous loss, those injured and ill, and the relief workers and organizations serving in Haiti. And we are seeking what God would have us to do. So much seems inconsequential and we take so much for granted. Words fail.


liz nelson said...

it's hard to imagine that kind of devastation and uncertainty. we are in prayer as well.

Loraena said...

I am so with you. It is overwhelming.