Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Some days just start rough. Starting at about midnight we had children up several times last night which made our sleep restless at best. :) The snack I thought I had for school was not there necessitating far more thought and energy to come up with something else (and yes, I realize that if I had checked last night that all would have been avoided :)). The boys dawdled and complained about the cold (it's absolutely frigid here). But we finally made it to school with enough snack, packed lunches, and warm clothes. Titus and I are back home and he is down for a nap - I may soon follow. :)

I was delighted that the teacher pulled me aside this morning and asked if she could do Kazakhstan for one of their cultural study weeks this month. I know the boys will be so excited since they are so interested in Kaz and we talk about it quite a bit! So I need to pull some things together for her so she can plan.

Thus begins the more normal routine of 2010. My to-do list is long, my husband working many hours this week, and my boys are already asking when it will be warm. :)

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Gretchen said...

I hate those days. That is very cool that the teacher wants to do a study on Kaz for the class. The boys will love that!