Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is It Me?

Do you ever just feel boring? I'm not big on talking on the phone or making small talk - I don't think I'm good at it and I often don't know what to say. I come by it honestly - several of my family members are the same. It is sometimes frustrating because it makes keeping up with people much harder. I write here and facebook as well and hope that people can stay up with our lives and I do try and make an effort to e-mail or occaionally call. It isn't that I don't like people, it isn't that I don't enjoy visiting with's not that at all.

It's ironic that I became a dental hygienist since I have to make small talk all.the.time. :) And in some ways, it's easier for me to have a conversation with a stranger. I don't know, it's weird. I guess part of it is being a fairly private person - I maybe didn't use to be that way so much but I have definitely become more private as the years have passed.

Perhaps the carefree days of youth have been replaced by the reality that real life is difficult. I find myself busy with the mundane and always trying to keep up (not with the Jones' just with real life responsibilities :)). There are so many joys and so many heartaches - so many battles and so many victories.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me?


Katrina said...

You should try my life sometime! You'll find your life is thrilling in comparison! ;) It's really hard to talk to people when my life stays the same all.the.time...because people want to hear new exciting things, which I don't got..hah. (Oh, and I also HATE talking on the phone. Give me email or chat ANY DAY..i think it's because it gives me time to think before I say something so I don't come off sounding like a complete loon...well, most of the time...;) )

Monica said...

Trust me, many of us struggle with the same thing. Oftentimes I'll run into people who read my blog and I'm reminded once again at what a conversationalist I am not. Don't have much more to add to what I've already said, so I fear I appear to be boring. I love to listen though, if that counts for anything:)
By the way- I think you are very interesting with varied interests and opinions. I always learn something new from you.

kitzkazventure said...

When I left the career world, I realized how much of my self worth was based on what I did and whether or not that mattered to people.....being a stay at home mom seemed "boring" to me because nobody wanted to hear about it. I am not a talker or conversationlists either...I dislike party chatter greatly! :)

Now that I have kind of grooved into this mom thing, I could care less what people think...I am interested in what they do at work but I find nothing is more important than being a parent in these much teaching to be done, loving, and snuggling...who has time for work.

I do love to talk when it is something I am passionate about like adoption but other than that we are homebodies and non conversationalist too. We do crave fellowship with family because we see them so has helped that some...

I think you are so very interesting...and I love reading your posts so be mundane all you want! ;)

Kim said...

You and I are the same! I HATE talking on the phone too! And I suck at small talk. I wish you lived closer! We could hang out and just stare at each other all day. LOL ;)

stephanie said...

I feel this way pretty much everyday. But, you already knew that. :)