Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hopes & Dreams

It's that time of the year again - the very beginning of a brand-new year. I always like to take a little time to consider what my hopes and dreams are for the coming year. Yes, a kind of resolutions or perhaps goals.

Here are some of mine (ours):
- Support missions and advocate for orphans everywhere.
- Continue on the quest of home organization - I think this is the same for every year. :)
- Make decisions regarding the boys' education for next year.
- Work hard towards becoming completely debt free (well, with the exception of mortgage).
- Compile the C family recipes into a cookbook.
- See The Cooks Next Door grow and begin to break even.
- Perhaps one of the biggest goals is to spend lots of time with my husband and beautiful sons - playing, laughing, growing, feeding, loving, educating, and investing in their lives.
- And finally, to grow in my walk with the Lord, to be the best wife and mom I can be, and to be compassionate and thankful.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I look forward to spending time with friends - old and new. 2009 brought some wonderful relationships with some amazing, like-minded women and I am incredibly thankful!

What are some of your goals?


Brooke said...

Those look very ambitious! I am right there with you on becoming debt free (aside from the mortgage). Not only is there peace in not owing people money, but more $ is freed up for savings and giving!

I am also seconding the giving and advocating for orphans. There are lots of opportunities for helping orphans without actually adopting again. My kids are getting old enough to participate too.

It sound like you have a productive and rewarding year ahead!

Jill said...

Thumbs up!

Thad and Ann said...

Sounds great! ah, the never ending quest to be organized. sigh. I purged many toys today & had the kids help. G had some givers remorse later though, haha.

I so enjoyed getting to know you better last year & am looking forward to spending time with you again this year.