Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sharing Again

Well, after many months of separating the boys into different rooms (remember this post?),
they are back together. AND it's working. We are so thrilled! The older boys have been very obedient - we don't mind a little talking but the getting out of bed and stealing blankets etc. was a problem. They really, really want to share a room again and so they are working hard to make that happen. Bedtime, overall, has been pleasant. Even Titus is sleeping in the room and doing very well. If he does wake up (which has also been a little better), he doesn't seem to disturb them.

I must say, it was totally worth giving up a guest room, giving up our ideal (kids sharing - we are in a 3-bedroom house), and separating the boys for awhile to achieve peaceful and positive bed time routines. And we are so happy that it didn't have to be a forever thing.

So, what are we doing with the "extra" bedroom? We decided that we will keep a twin bed in there for the occasional company (or illness or poor behavior) but we will not turn it back into a dedicated guest room. You see, in our quest to organize and make our home work, we have been considering all kinds of options. The winner? The bedroom will become a playroom - the train table and ALL the boys toys will go in there. It will be an entirely safe room and the closet will be locked (it's going to be the storage area for all of our not-currently-needed baby stuff). We will store the books on the bookcase outside the playroom. And we will put a loveseat in the playroom for story reading etc.

We are so excited about the prospect. We have a loft that has been the play/entertaining room but it is a tough area to keep clean with all of the boys' stuff. We hope and think this will be a good solution and will make entertaining easier! Perhaps stacking the bunkbeds will be next?? :)


Jen said...

And the great thing about a room, is that you can close the door and pretend it is clean. ;)

Margaret said...

Ooooh, I want to help you organize!!

Jill said...

Love the sibs sharing the room thing! Vivi and Lucy share a room, that is when Lucy is in there. She has been in our bed most nights..ugh. I am guessing that she and Lucy will both share the bottom full bed when Vivi is out of the crib.

Would love to be there to help you organize too! LOL!

Gretchen said...

You know we are struggling with this too. I hope to be where you are next year maybe? We shall see. Great idea about making it into a playroom. I wish ours were more easily concealed.