Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Which One?

There is nothing like having a child that says, "mmmm." Every single time you bring food to the table. It is so sweet and it translates into him trying and enjoying almost eveything. Guess which child?

He also says, "Yay!" and claps with a huge smile when he sees you or when you propose an idea he likes. Seriously, he is one of the happiest kids I have ever met and loves to laugh and be tickled. He is a ham and tries to make us all laugh - quite successfully, I might add.

He has made friends with the dog and we have caught him red-handed feeding her from his plate (a big no-no) - he looks at us with complete innocence like, "oops, I didn't mean to..." Riiiggghhht. We aren't buying it. :)

So which of my sweeties am I talking about today?


He's 17 months old, very independent, a lover of all food, and so incredibly sweet and loving. He nods and shakes his head like a pro and though he doesn't say very many words, he gets his point across 9 times out of 10. He does a little sign language and smiles like it's going out of style!


Mama10EE said...

I LOVE these pictures! Especially the first one. He is gorgeous!

JennaN said...

What a sweetie!

liz nelson said...

he really is about the happiest kid i know.:) after church on sunday, he came over and punched me in the leg (with a big grin on his face), so that i would pick him up and play with him.:)

Thad and Ann said...

he is so adorable!! I love how his eyes laugh. :)

Margaret said...

I can't wait until next Tuesday. I miss that kid!