Thursday, January 07, 2010

Let It Snow!

For once (or so it seems), the weather people got it right! It IS snowing and accumulating. The boys' school is closed although the city schools are not - I wonder if they will have early release? It has been so absolutely cold here without very much snow - the boys would much prefer some snow. They have been wanting, "God to make it snow alot, alot."

I think Andrew may work from home - he brought home everything he would need "just in case." The snow is supposed to be continuing until tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, we live in an extremely treacherous neighborhood - treacherous because they don't bring plows through very early at all and we often can't get out and can barely get in. Oh well. I don't mind being snowed in.

This weather makes me want to bake and cook like crazy! So perhaps we will have some yummy food today - sounds good to me. And maybe I will finally get the tree down. I know the boys will play out in the snow and then come in for hot chocolate. Ah, sounds like the makings of a wonderful day.

(I'm consciously ignoring the fact that the boys have been at each other just about every minute of this morning so far - nothing a little snow won't fix - right?!) :)


Nash deVille said...

We are still waiting for the snow down here, although schools are closed. Never have I heard of closing school because it might snow. Crazy! Have fun with the boys today! We lived on a street in CT that was never plowed! Enjoy!! :)

Jen said...

Tell them to have a good snow ball fight at each other and get it out of their system. :)

Jodee Leader said...

We are also snowed in here! Our schools have been closed for two days!

I am off to make hot cocoa right now! Enjoy your snow day!

Brooke said...

Snow play causes great drowsiness in my household. Send them out and then enjoy a nice afternoon nap a couple hours later :)