Sunday, January 17, 2010

MPM: 1/18-24

We've been teaching our children about Haiti the past week and so we decided that we would eat two meals of beans and rice - a common Haitian meal. So here's the plan for our week:

MONDAY: Tomato Pasta Soup, Bread, Salad (carried over from last week)

TUESDAY: Black Beans & Rice, Fruit

WEDNESDAY: Salad w/Chicken and the Works, Bread

THURSDAY: Double Date Night!

FRIDAY: Red Beans & Rice, Salad

SATURDAY: Apple Swiss Grilled Cheese, Baked Veggie Chips (potato, beet, and carrot), Fruit

SUNDAY: Chili, Cornbread, Salad

Oatmeal x2
Cream of Wheat
Cereal x3
Eggs & Toast

Egg Salad
Cheese Sandwiches
PB & J x2
Baked Potatoes
Yogurt & Crackers

Dried Fruit

This is a bit of a boring week food -wise. I may change things up a bit but for now, this is the plan.

On a side note, our family is donating $1 to Compassion International for Haiti Relief for every person that comments on this post (up to 200)!

Finally, feel free to check out the cooking blog I co-author - The Cooks Next Door!
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Gretchen said...

Can I comment twice? :)

Sarah Pulliam said...

Thanks for posting this. It's helpful to see how others plan their weekly meals.

Meegan said...

Your menu plan is great. What a great way to teach your children about other countries. I'll have to try out something like this.