Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a Little, Pretty Please

Oh motivation, motivation, wherefore art thou, motivation? Grocery shopping wore me out as it usually does. :) Must.go.unload.groceries. I'm cooking dinner for 10 tonight and the house is a bit of a disaster zone...off to clean and get ready! Once I get going (after I settle Titus again for his nap), I'll be fine...really! And tonight, I will crash. :)

Stay tuned for some exciting news this week (and no, our family is not growing :)). Oh, one question - someone please tell me a good lotion for dry skin. I usually use Lubriderm but it isn't working very well this year. All righty, I'm off.


Tammy said...


First, LOVED the lemon bread Andrew brought to work. It will be a must have on the weekend here in our house.

Second, Elijah has eczema and we use Eucerin. It is a bit pricey; but SO wonderful. I know you didn't mention Eczema, but I figured it couldn't help to mention it anyways.


Meegan said...

I like neutrogena - it works wonders for me.

Thad and Ann said...

Thad loves Neutrogena & I love Alba. It smells yummy. :)

Catherine said...

Our ped recommended Cetaphil, the kind that comes in the jar not the squirt bottle. It's kind of expensive, but a little goes a long way and they carry it at Costco. It works wonders. It's very thick, but doesn't feel greasy.

YMWLY said...

We use "Udderly Smooth udder cream" My mom got it for me at Rural King, and it really works. The jar is all spotted like a cow, but we've been using it for several years.

Margaret said...

Aveeno is dermatologist recommended! :)