Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cautiously Optimistic

So, I haven't really written much about potty training. It really should be resolution #10 - have my kids potty trained by Jan. 1, 2009. :) We've been working on it slowly and today I decided we would just *try* big boy underpants. I also decided that if it didn't go well, I wasn't going to be upset or disappointed, I was instead going to finish training the boys separately at another time.

Well, we had an accident free morning. Patrick was great about telling me and Calvin went when I told him to. :) I put them both down for naps about 15 minutes ago (in diapers) and they were a little sad to not wear their cool car and Thomas big boy pants. They both have speech therapy this afternoon so we will probably leave the diaper on so they can focus - not to mention that I let them run around in just their underwear and shirt this morning which probably wouldn't be such a great idea for company.

My main motivation for starting today is that I really, really don't want to buy another box of diapers and we are starting to get low and I'm stopping at Costco later. :) So, with the successful experiment, I will buy pull-ups instead of diapers- yay! I suppose it's a little premature to say we won't still need some diapers and I may be writing tomorrow or Thursday or next week or next month and admit that we have indeed regressed, but for now, I'm going to be optimistic!

I think they are ready - they have been going potty for months now. And I'm trying to be ready to locate every public restroom in the city and I'm increasing my supply of santizing wipes, gel, toilet seat covers, etc. :) Yeah, I might be a little paranoid. :)

**UPDATE: 1 accident each today by the time it was bedtime. Not too bad for a first day. We'll see how it goes tomorrow!**


Jenna said...

Congrats on the morning! Two at once has to be hard... But it sounds like you are keeping a cool, non-pressure atmosphere which is going to help you I'm sure!

Mob said...

Yea, a big hoorah for today. Having a sticker sheet next to the potty and stickers for successes really worked well when my daughter was young.

stephanie said...

Sounds like a good beginning and hopefully an easy process for you because not everyone lives to tell such a tale. :)
Hurray for those cute little guys!!!

Catherine said...

I hope it continues to go well for you! It's worth it in the long run!

Jenny S. said...

We had kind of a long road with Mark, but I can happily say that the pull-ups and diapers are now put away!!! Pottying went great, and he learned to do it standing up when we had a week's vacation with his 4-month-older cousin in the summer! We just couldn't quite get #2 into the toilet... until December!
We knew he could do it but had to come up with something that would motivate him. Candy, stickers, money, none of those worked. Little hot wheels cars did, so we stocked up on a bunch of them and he got them as prizes. Now he just does it, but still only when we send him. BUT. He doesn't go in his pants.
Good luck with both of them. I know you won't stress it, but let them take it as they do. :)