Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I can't help but gaze at our newest little guy and feel overwhelmed. I cannot believe that God has chosen him to be a part of our family. We look forward and hope for the day his adoption will be finalized (we currently have no idea when that will be). But we feel so blessed. We are amazed to see the way he came to be with us and we have seen God leading each step of the way. It's hard to believe that we have three beautiful boys and we are thankful. I'll try and post a picture later...our new camera is just a little more challenging to upload or at least I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. :)

Today we are going to a local orchard for a preschool field trip. I know it will be a wonderful time. Calvin thanks me regularly for letting him go to school (it's adorable!) and Patrick can't stop smiling when we talk about it. I love that they have a chance to verbalize what they have been doing during our hours apart. I'll try to take some pictures of the field trip! I can't wait for fresh apples...maybe an apple pie will be in the plans sometime soon. Fall is one of my favorite seasons - apples, pumpkins, and soup pretty much sum it up. :)

Well, I'm off. I have lunches to pack and kids to ready. Have a wonderful day!


Thad and Ann said...

I'm so glad the boys love school. How cute that he thanks you for letting them go. :) I hope you have a great time. Fall is my favorite season too. I love when it's crisp enough to wear a sweatshirt but it's not cold yet. :)

Catherine said...

Which orchard are you going to? I am thinking of trying Tuttles this fall, but I wondered if it was good or if there is a better one?

Jenna said...

Hooray for all of the good in your life right now! I too love fall (though not pumpkin and soup combined... the Curtis house squelched any joy I might have had with pumpkin soup).

Jodee Leader said...

We love fall time too. Apple pie sounds sooo delicious this time of year!