Monday, September 15, 2008

More Wedding Pics

I'm quite disappointed that I didn't get very many photos taken - especially that I missed getting a picture of the adorable ring bearers (my sons :)) and a good picture of the bride and groom. I'm looking forward to seeing all the professional ones!

The Bride getting beautified. :) Not that she needed it!

Rebecca, bridesmaid and seamstress extraordinaire, altering a couple of dresses.

Liz getting ready for the big day. Lots of laughs created wonderful memories and a fairly relaxed morning.

Cool & calm - she looked gorgeous!

Her cute shoes and the bottom of the stunning gown (designed and made by Rebecca).

Her hair minus the veil that she wore for the ceremony.

Goofing off and making sure we didn't faint from hunger! :)
My sister and me - I was so honored to stand up with her!

All the girls.

Mother of the Bride - my mom - doesn't she look so elegant and pretty?!

Sienna, the sweet flower girl! She is now Steph's neice. Her mom carried her down the aisle - it was beautiful!

My boys (when they tried their suits on at home a week ago :)) so excited about their role! They did awesome!

This is the only picture I have of the happy couple (stolen from Michelle :)). Cutting the cake!

Stunning flowers!

The superhero favors with their faces on the tag!

That's about it. I wish I had more! My favorite memory of the day was the prayer circle we had with the bridesmaids, bride, and flower girl's mom - there wasn't a dry eye. It was meaningful and special. It was just such a fun day filled with memory making, commitment, and celebration. I'm so happy for Jeremy & Stephanie! Four more weeks until my brother's wedding!


Alicia said...

Cute pictures! That is a pretty green. You all looked really nice!

Jen said... looked so beatiful! Steph looked amazing along with all of you as well!

I almost called you this morning on my way into work but wasn't sure if you were still recovering. :)

we need to talk soon!

Catherine said...

Beautiful dresses! I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses - you all looked lovely!

Heather L. said...

What a terrific day!!! you all looked so beautiful in your dresses and Stephanie was just gorgeous!!! I loved it when Sienna came down the aisle -- it was so very precious. And the boys were so cute! Love their little green ties!!!! Yes, your mom looked stunning, I agree!

Amy K said...

That's so great. I'm just sorry we couldn't have made it!! I would have loved to see the boys in their suits. I bet they were both so handsome.