Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dinner Time

We had a very full week! We had a wonderful weekend participating in and witnessing the marriage of my sister and now brother-in-law. It was a beautiful wedding!

Thursday I ended up making chili, fruit & nut brie, cornbread, homemade applesauce, and peach cobbler for my family. Most of the later part of the week was consumed with making and packaging wedding favors. I made (with some help from my mom and youngest sister) molasses crinkle cookies. They are a family favorite and a huge favorite of Steph, the bride. :) It was a suprise for her. Our other sister (I have three :)) designed the tags with a comic book theme - a favorite of the groom and integral in his proposal to my sister. They turned out great but were extremely time consuming! I think we made about 220 favors and there were maybe 30 left.

This week will hopefully be a little more laid back. I'm hoping to try a new recipe or two and get back to some cooking! I'm also hoping to make a trip out to the raspberry patch to pick some for the freezer - I'll probably get some apples at the same time. So here's the plan for this week in no particular order.

- Chicken Fajitas, Applesauce
- Meatball subs, Corn on the Cob, Fruit Salad
- Amy's Asian Lettuce Wraps (I'll probably use chicken since that's what I have), Fruit
- Black Beans & Rice, Vanilla or Plain Yogurt w/Fruit
- Vegetarian Pizza, Veggies & Dip, Fruit
- Lentil Soup with a Curry Crema and Lentil Crackers , Salad

The lettuce wraps and lentil soup are new recipes this week! I'm starting to get into the mood for soups so I'll probably try to make at least one every week...we'll see. Lentils are one of our favorite legumes so this seemed like a good soup to start with. :) Well, that's about it from here! I'm feeling inspired this week so let's hope it lasts. Check out for many more menu plans!


Michele said...

Sounds like you've been busy!

I like the idea of the Asian Lettuce Wraps... I've added them to the "things to try" bookmarks!

HDMac said...

Great variety on your menu!

Sandra said...

Great menu, I love Wraps :)

My Menu Plan

Heather said...

Great menu this week. Those lettuce wraps sound good.

Barbie said...

They all sound yummy. You are amazing! Keeping up with all of your meal planning while taking care of your new baby.

Anonymous said...

That fruit and nut brie sounds heavenly....

Mandy said...

Those Asian Lettuce Wraps sound great, I'm going to try them sometime soon. And I'm always looking for new lentil recipes.

mom_of2boys said...

You have been busy! Your menu looks great!

I wish there was a raspberry patch around here.

Sherry said...

Those lettuce wraps sound delicious! :D

You must have been super busy with the favors. Congrats to your sister and BIL! :D

Rona's Home Page said...

We're planning on serving PB and Cocoa Cappicino Cookies as favors, at our renewal ceremony.
Kudos and Congratulations to the bride.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

You have been very busy this week. The Asian Lettuce Wraps sound really good, and like something my family would enjoy. I am going to have to try that sometime soon.