Sunday, September 07, 2008

Crazy Week Meal Plan

I'm back (not that you missed my menu plans :)). After three weeks of not cooking, I'm almost ready to get back into the groove. We are adjusting to life with three children and it's great! We've had some very gracious people provide some meals which has been wonderful. We are more exhausted than we ever remember but we are loving having three boys.
This week will be crazy! My sister is getting married on Saturday so this week will be filled with preparations thus a menu plan will be absolutely necessary. :) I'm going to do it by day this week because I think it will help me to do a better job of providing meals for our family.
MONDAY - Hamburger Corn Casserole (from a friend), Salad, Pears (I will be out with my sisters)
TUESDAY - Bean Burritos, Tortilla Chips, Grapes (I will be getting my hair done)
WEDNESDAY - Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Chips, Carrots & Peppers, Fruit
THURSDAY - Hot dogs & Grilled Chicken, Veggies & Dip, Fruit, Cookies (my family will be here for dinner - my mom is making & decorating the wedding cake at their house)
FRIDAY - Rehearsal Dinner (we are all involved in the wedding except the baby :))
SATURDAY - a.m. - Blueberry Muffins, Egg Casserole (we may have out of town company)
p.m. - leftovers after the wedding if we're hungry :)
SUNDAY - Brunch
I may make a batch of chili and we might actually have that on Thursday instead or have it on Saturday. It's a crazy enough week that I made a schedule for our household. We will be gone some part of every day - I think we will crash by the end of next weekend! So that's the plan! Thanks to Laura for hosting every week. Have a wonderful and blessed week!


Noah and Josh's Mom said...

We have a wedding this weekend too! Getting a little irritated with this Colts game right now!

Sandra said...

Great menu, thanks for sharing :)

My Menu Plan

Sherry said...

How wonderful to have people provide meals! :D The chicken salad sounds divine!!

Micah said...

I've just been thumbing through your old menu plans looking for some kid friendly HEALTHY lunch ideas. I got some good ones! Thanks :) Hope you had fun at the zoo today! It was a gorgeous day to be there!