Friday, August 01, 2008

Washing Fun

I sent Calvin into the bathroom to wash his hands this seemed to be taking a loooong time. I told him it was time to be done but he came out rubbing his hands together with soap. So I instructed him to rinse them off and turn the water off. A very short while later, I followed him in the bathroom to discover...he not only had an amazing amount of soap on his hands but he had taken it upon himself to soap his hair and clean his toothbrush. What a mess! It took me several minutes to rinse his hair - it was that much soap. And by the time we were finishing, bubbles were nearly overflowing the sink. I stifled the urge to burst out laughing at the situation as I cleaned him up and instructed him on proper amounts of soap. :) He smells very nice tonight - do you think it was a bath time hint? :)

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Andrew R. Falk said...

I never saw this - or heard about this event - until now!! Hilarious! :)