Sunday, October 21, 2007

C & P

I'm really behind on updating here. :) We haven't taken very many pictures lately - I'll try to fix that this week! But here's a brief update with words. :)

Calvin LOVES music! Tonight at church he was singing at the top of his lungs with lots of expression. More than one head turned to see the exuberant singer in the back row. :) He insists that music needs turned on when we are downstairs, he wants to listen to music in the car, he dances to ANY music he hears (including wind chimes), he asks us to sing with him, and every thing that possibly can be a microphone is (forks, matchbox cars, straws, blocks... you name it!). He is also currently obsessed with transportation and we talk about it many times a day. His favorites are trains and fire trucks but he also really likes planes and trucks. Don't tell him, but he will definitely be getting some of those things for Christmas.

Patrick recently hit 2 and I mean 2 (Calvin went through this a few months ago). His sweet personality has been a little MIA and has been replaced with hitting, tantrums, talking back, and crying. It's frustrating to say the least but we are so delighted when it is exchanged for the normal, happy kiddo that he truly is! He is also really into transportation and for him, this includes riding his bike and wooden horse all the time. He has been experimenting with facial expressions which keeps us all laughing. He has become quite the clown. He is starting to become particular about what he wears and recently wore shorts over his pants. :) He is learning to sing the ABC's and we think he is counting some, too! He is so cuddly these days which we love!

We love them so much and we are really enjoying watching their personalities constantly develop. What fun little boys they are!

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Heather L. said...

Ah, boys and transportation! James suggested last night that Emmy might like a remote control car for her birthday. And, he (or was it Andrew) offered to get me a PT Cruiser, and then volunteered that he would tow it here. (Great! Just what I need -- a PT Cruiser that needs towing!) Hope you guys have a good week!