Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cookbooks: The Addiction!

So I decided to giveaway some cookbooks and people, I haven't even gotten them out the door and I've replaced them with others. :) How sad is this addiction! The boys and I went to Half Price Books yesterday to have lunch with my sister (who works there) and of course, I browsed. I came away with four (4!!!) new cookbooks but I did get them all for 50% off the Half Price cost which was good and they are not like any other books in my collection.

I really did use self-control - they have an AWESOME cookbook selection and if I hadn't gotten them for 1/2 off, I would not have bought all of them. Don't you love how I justify it :) - the best measure was that Andrew was really excited about them! Anyway, here is a list of the cookbooks I couldn't resist:

Chef Bobo's Good Food Cookbook (Robert W. Surles)
Cook Organic (Ysanne Spevack)
The Healthy Kitchen (Andrew Weil, M.D. & Rosie Daley)
The Best Ever Vegetarian
They all look so yummy and like they have so many great ideas! I can't wait to read them and try new recipes! What's your favorite cookbook? I don't know if I could ever narrow it down but I definitely have a few I go to more frequently. :)


Monica said...

Seems from your giveaway there are a lot of other people with the same addiction!! Thanks for posting your recipes for all of us to benefit.

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for stopping by ScrapsaDaisy and entering my give away for the scrap supplies or vintage goodies.

I just HAD to come check out your blog. I have four daughters and one of my middle girls is named Alaina!

It's one of my very all time favorite names :) Your blog is great, and your family is just as lovely as can be!


Heather L. said...

How fun! I'm scared of the Half Price Cookbook Shelves because I'm afraid of spending too much time and too much money. :) I'm glad you found some good ones. I guess my most used cookbook over the years has been More-With-Less, but another favorite on my shelf is Delia Smith's 3-volume collection -- I think it is called "How to cook". (Delia is a famous British cook -- in fact, so famous that everyone knows her by her first name and I'm hoping I remembered that her last name is Smith! -- kind of like saying Martha in the USA, but Delia is much nicer ;) )

Heather L. said...

Oh my word! i just saw how many people entered your bloggy give away!