Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Wonders of Costco

I cannot sing the praises of Costco enough! This store has been awesome for our family. Not only do many things cost less but they also sell many organic products. Every single time I go there (every 2-4 weeks), I’m amazed at the new, healthy things that they are now offering. This week, I was so pleased to find organic bread, 100% fruit leathers (basically dried fruit rectangles), and organic granola bars. I often purchase organic eggs, organic peanut butter, organic diced tomatoes, organic yogurt, and organic chicken stock there as well as diapers, water and other non-organic things. Their produce is also very nice – though not always a good deal. We have bought their cakes and other baked goods for special events and they are not only very affordable but the flavor is fantastic!

The downsides are that I usually spend more than I intend :) and that it probably doesn't support local farmers so much. But I have been so pleased at the way I’ve been able to feed our family nutritious food without breaking the budget. Next year, we’ll sign up for the executive membership and actually get money back at the end of the year. If you have a Costco in your area, I highly recommend it! One and half years in and I’m still sold on the benefits of belonging to this wholesale buying club and I’m always excited about the things I’ve found. Kudos to Costco for constantly increasing their healthy offerings!
If you shop there, what are your favorite finds?


Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Andrew and Alaina,

Thank you so much for posting on our blog....your encouragement means so much to us!! Each day seems to get harder and harder....and we are desperately clinging to the promises of our Lord. Please keep praying...and get anyone you know to be praying. We feel such an urgency.

Love in Him,
Lindsey Wheeler

Rebecca said...

We can't wait until they build one by us so we can partake of the wonders of Costco.

Kevin & Amy said...

I'm going to sign-up in the next few weeks some time. We've been members before (like five years ago) but have tried Sam's for the past few yers. Now I'm ready for another change. :)

I'll have to look into the "executive membership" option. :)