Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm ready to stay at home this weekend. Today has been crazy and full. After work this morning, I went to pick up the boys and then stopped briefly at home. We then headed up to W. Lafayette to pick up my sister and her boyfriend from school to bring them home for the weekend (neither of them have cars at school). We arrived up there in enough time to have a tour of Margaret's house before going to pick up Philip. We dropped them off at a church conference and came home. The boys are tucked in bed and quite possibly already asleep. They missed their naps with all the travel. Andrew is still working and will be for several more hours, so I'm going to have a quiet evening by myself. I'll be on the go some tomorrow but hopefully we won't be quite so busy. I'm going to block off a weekend soon were we can just stay at home. :) We need to do our fall cleaning and maybe relax! :)

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