Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Best $1

So, I braved the exhaustion and took the boys to run errands. Our last stop was the grocery store and quite frankly, I was dreading it. We had already had one attitude/discipline issue and I was not excited to have any more.

We went in the store and I started loading the kids in the cart when I noticed the "fun carts" and thought it was definitely worth a try. These tv carts had a choice of Barney or Bob the Builder so I chose the latter, paid my dollar, buckled the kids in, made sure the show started, closed the doors and locked them, and started shopping. They loved it! They were obedient, quiet, and most of all they got along. They couldn't get out and run around, I didn't have any "extra" things in my cart, and we made it through without any meltdowns.
This was a dollar well spent and I will definitely consider using it again when I need to shop with both boys. We all came out of the store with smiles (even with it being way past lunch time)!
*This picture is of a similar cart - we did not do Barney!*


Catherine said...

I noticed those carts at our Meijer too, but haven't tried them yet. I'm glad they worked so well for you!

Jenna said...

I have never heard of these carts (and we now live in a rural place where it will be a long time before they come here)... so there is a video player/tv in the cart for the kids?

Kevin & Amy said...

Yes, I thought "Meijer" as soon as I saw the picture. :) They also have the pink pony there that kids can ride for only $0.1. Meredith loves that, too.

hollytrawick said...

Oh My GOSH... WHY don't they have those in my town??? I am going to beg our grocery store to get those carts! With 3 kids - I dread going to the store! That MIGHT hold their attention for a few minutes and I might actually remember everything on my list... and remember to use the coupons that I took time to cut out! ;)

Alaina said...

Jenna, Yes, there is a tv in the cart - I'm not really sure how it works but the one we got played Bob the Builder episodes the whole time I shopped. Awesome!