Friday, October 05, 2007

My Week...

1 - 20 oz. glass of water spilled on the carpet, table, & books.
5 spots on the carpet where the dog got sick.
2 pizza lunches smeared on the highchair tray and used as hair mousse.
1 cup of milk spilled on the carpet.
100 crayons or so broken, peeled, and some possibly ingested during "nap" time (they were non-toxic).
1 dirty diaper smeared in the pack 'n play.
2 bowls of soggy cheerios poured in drinking cups, on the tray, and on the floor.
1 cup lemonade spilled at a restaurant.
2 boys full of mischief.
1 dog happily eating twice her weight in food and snacks bestowed on her by said boys behind mommy's back.
1 tired Mommy.

Good thing they're cute! :)


Catherine said...

Grody about the dirty diaper in the pack and play!

With the carpet thing - I tried the tip someone left on Monica's blog about using hydrogen peroxide on carpet spots, and it worked pretty well. Maybe worth a try if you have some on hand!

Andrew said...

Excellent and humorous post - love the finale: 1 tired Mommy. So good - and so true! But also a Mommy so happy and thankful to be a Mommy!