Thursday, October 18, 2007


Unfortunately (like Amy's family this week), we're sick today. I went to bed early last night not feeling well and woke up feeling awful. It's a cold accompanied by a bad headache and sinus pressure. Patrick is coughing today and has a runny nose and Calvin also has a runny nose. Both are sneezing. So we are laying low (my mom is graciously sub teaching my biology class). Somehow they still manage to have energy when all I want to do is sleep. We had a really fun play date with our friends the Sawyers yesterday - we hope we didn't share with them. :(

Hope you are well and enjoying your week! I threw my pork chops in the crock pot this morning - we'll see how they turn out. My wonderful husband will probably finish putting dinner together. He is picking up snacks for Bible Study tonight since I usually make them (I'll be staying upstairs). What a great guy!

That's it from this house - we're headed for naps. I hope to be back to blogging tomorrow.


Karen said...

Hope you and the boys feel better soon. Isn't it great to have such a supportive husband? I don't know what I do without my husband. He's been there for me throughout this adoption roller coaster. Such a trooper.

Also thanks for visiting my blog, and yes, please add me to your links.

Andy & Angie said...

Alaina -

How is this for being a technological neighbor?
I was sending out an e-mail invitation to a few friends to go to a Christmas cooking show. I don't have your e-mail address in my address book so I decided to google you and see if I could find it. When I did, I found your blog, saw from today's post that you are sick and thought I better e-mail you, rather than call you, with the invitation. So, here's a copy of the e-mail that I send out to friends for the show:

"Ladies -

Simple & Delicious cooking Magazine is putting on a
Christmas cooking show about quick recipes for the
Christmas season. Tickets are $8 (but I think from
reading the website, I can get Buy-1 Get-1-Free tickets.)
The show is on Tuesday, Oct 30 at 6:30 pm. I know a
weeknight isn't too convenient but I'm planning to go so
I thought I'd see if any of you would like to go, too, for a
fun girls' night out. The show is at the Hendricks County
Fairgrounds. (We can carpool)

Here's the link. The show is called "Simply Christmas."
Everyone at the show gets a gift bag and some recipe cards.

Let me know if you are interested. I'll plan to call about
tickets on Monday. I have no idea if it will sell out or not."

By the way, I forgot to give you our blog address. It's

Hope you feel better soon!

Monica said...

Sorry you guys are under the weather. Hope you are able to get some relief soon.

I have something for you over at my blog. Come and see:)

Loraena said...

Ewww...Sounds like what I had about two weeks ago! Hope you are feeling better soon! (love the poor giraffe...!)

Petula Wright said...

Hope you're all feeling better! We've had a round of sickies too! I just hope I don't get it...