Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Party!

Every year, our friends Tom & Becca help us host a Christmas party in our home for our young (and not so young :)) couple's group. We enjoy different activities throughout the year but the Christmas party is an annual favorite for all of us. It's a fun time to be together and fellowship with lots of yummy food, a fun gift exchange (I received a 1 year subscription to Everyday Food!) complete with the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas poem, and usually a craft or game.

This year (Tuesday evening) we decided to do graham cracker gingerbread houses. The catch? Each couple only had 30 minutes to gather supplies, construct their house, and decorate it. I think everyone had a good time with it and I was amazed at the sturctures! My friend, Rachelle and I did ours together since her husband was out of town and my husband was taking some pictures and announcing the time. Anyway, here are a few pictures (Heather and Catherine also have pictures on their blogs) from our evening:

The winning (people's choice) gingerbread house by Michael & Heather!


Jen said...

How cool! I am so jealous. A lady I use to work with at Cynthia's Hallmark use to host a gingerbread house making party every year. Her Mom, sister and her took on the HUGE job of make all the pieces and icing and we all brough candy decor and card tables and about a dozen of us created masterpieces. It was always SO much fun!!

Mob said...

That looks like so much fun making the little houses. I'm sure you're going to love getting that magazine,what a perfect gift for you!