Friday, December 21, 2007

3 Fun Evenings!

Our date night was perfect! So much fun. We had a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then stopped in Target to pick-up a few things for Christmas. We decided to catch the late movie (10:05pm) and we had the theater to ourselves! Enchanted was cute and even Andrew kind of liked it. It was clean for the most part, funny, and sweet. I happen to be a big Patrick Dempsey fan (ever since Sweet Home Alabama) and he didn't disappoint! It was such a relaxing great evening and I definitely recommend the movie!

Last night, we took the boys to Christmas at the zoo! The highlight for them was not the animals (though they enjoyed them); they LOVED the train exhibit at White River Gardens. It was a delight to watch the joy on their faces at seeing their favorite thing! The evening was beautiful, the lights at the zoo were awesome, and we had a wonderful time being together.

Tonight, we will stay home, eat pizza, and watch a Christmas movie with the kids! It will be a great start to Andrew being home for the next week.


Mob said...

Glad that date night went well. I'm looking forward to doing that again after Hannah gets a little older. That is great that both of the boys like trains. How fun for them to have each other!

Karen said...

Date nights are so important—I hope my husband and I are able to make time for each other after we adopt.

Sniz said...

Hubby gave me the DVD of Sweet Home Alabama as one of my Christmas gifts because he knows I love it. I watched it last night.

We went to National Treasure, Book of Secrets on Christmas Day, but I would have rather seen Enchanted. I really want to see that movie.

I love date evenings like that. My husband and I got a baby sitter to finish our Christmas shopping and stopped into Steak and Shake for something to eat first where we realized we NEVER go out to eat, just the two of us anymore. What a treat!

Your evening sounds so pleasant. Did you have a great Christmas?