Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Decorating the Very-Nice-But-Not-Perfect Tree

If you missed the first installment of this story, start here.
During the boys' naps, the Mommy and Daddy brought the tree inside and put it in the stand. The Mommy decided that it needed to be taller so the extra nice Daddy made a wood stand to put under the metal stand. It looked much better. The Mommy put lights on the tree and decided that the usual tree topper just wasn't going to work; the Daddy actually agreed. After the naps, one boy stayed with the Daddy and one boy went to the store with the Mommy to get a tree topper and some things for the tree trimming party.

The Mommy and the boy went to Wal-Mart and found a beautiful gold star for the tree. It was a very good deal. The boy and the Mommy also had to buy a birthday gift for their friend. The boy wanted to buy a car for himself instead. The Mommy told him, "not today," so he helped pick out the gift. Then they went to Kroger and bought some yummy food for the party. The boy insisted on the car cart which is very difficult to steer and the Mommy kept almost running into things. The boy tried to put a matchbox car in the cart but the Mommy said "no," again - what a mean Mommy. :)

They checked out at the store and went home. The Mommy made food - crusty bread with olive oil, tomato slices, and fresh mozerella under the broiler, hummus w/pita & carrots, basil and garlic goat cheese with crackers, summer sausage, pumpkin roll, iced sugar cookies (actually made by the Daddy), eggnog, and apple juice punch. The Mommy forgot to make the cream cheese & jam spread that is the Daddy's favorite but he forgot too, so it was okay. The family had lots of food.

The family decorated their tree. The boys mostly liked to watch the train underneath the tree. They put a few ornaments on the tree and took a lot off. The Mommy and Daddy decided less is more this year. So the decorating stopped. The lights were turned off, eggnog poured, and the family sang some carols but the Mommy and the Daddy sometimes forgot the words. The tree looked beautiful. The boys opened their advent calendars and ate their chocolate - the Daddy wished he had some chocolate, too. Then the boys went to bed. And that's the story of the family's Christmas tree. What a fun day the family had!

The End


Heather L. said...

The tree looks so nice! Can't wait to get ours.

Monica said...

Looks like you made some great memories:) Beautiful.

I'll just keep the food out in the garage. It's going to stay cold for a while and it will be fine out there. We are going to have the greek yogurt for desert tonight. Sounds good to me. Hope the kids think so.

Jenny said...

The year Mark was the age Adam is now, we had the tree snugly nestled behind the couch where he couldn't get at it and pull it down on himself.
Now we have a Mark who will constantly be back there if it's there, and an Adam who's in danger of pulling it over on himself.
Oh the dilemma. The consolation is that because my birthday is next week, we have a little more time to decide (as we don't generally put up the decorations until after my b-day)... it's a great excuse to put it off. That, and the Christmas Train Uncle Jay and Uncle Ted gave "us" last year, will keep our "Christmas tree in the living room" time SHORT this year!

Sniz said...

I loved the way you wrote this. Very entertaining. And your tree looks very pretty. I decided less is more this year too. I was salivating over the food you made, especially the bread, tomatoes, fresh moz. and olive oil under the broiler! Yum! My favorite!

Mob said...

What fun. So glad to read part two. That is funny where he try to put the matchbox car in the shopping cart. I like the way you made a little "buffet" to eat while you were decorating the tree. My family did that when I was growing up.

Barbie said...

Sounds like wonderful family moments! I like the traditions you have. We went to a tree farm to pick out our own tree for 17 years but I caved and bought a fake tree about 3 years ago. We actually are really enjoying it.