Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The boys are on their 2nd week of speech therapy! Calvin gets 2 hours per week and Patrick receives one. They are doing so well! We can already tell some difference but mostly we are excited that they really, really like their speech therapist, Renee. She comes to our house twice a week and the boys love it! We really like her, too. She is a new grad and has an obvious enthusiasm for what she does. She actually took an elective course on clefts in school which is great!

I met with the public school this week (also in our home) to discuss the boys' transition into the speech program there. For Calvin, that will be in April. The goal in having the meeting now is to avoid any lapse in services which will be helpful for Calvin's progress. I'm hoping that by July, Patrick will no longer need therapy and therefore we won't have to worry about transitioning him. We'll see. So that's a quick report on the boys. :)

*This picture was taken by my cousin, Leslie. Note the shoes Patrick is sporting. :) And they wish they were allowed to drink pop! In the meantime, they enjoy arranging and shaking the cans up to surprise the Bible Study kids that drink it. :)

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Paula said...

That is fantastic and the fact that they like her is just great.