Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dish & Victory

So far, we really, really dislike dish network. We had to unhook it and attach our antennae just to get the Colts game this week because we had "lost" the local networks. And we are continually losing the signal. So, they are giving us two months free, they sent someone out today, and they are refunding our set-up fee. We may still return to Comcast; they want us back and will give us a much better deal than we had before. We shall see - we'll take the free couple of months first. :) But we are unhappy customers. Oh what we will do for the food network and ESPN.

In other news, I finally won a FF game after being on a really horrible losing streak! And this was in the playoffs! I'm enjoying the victory while I can. :) I meet the #1 (aka my sister) this week. I've beaten her once this season but she has beaten me the last 2 times. Good times in FF. Well, there is much to do today - we have a party here tonight. Have a great Tuesday!


Mob said...

Thats too bad about the DISH network. What an awful time to lose local channels. i've never had that happen. We do have to clean off the Dish if it snows a lot. Have fun at your party tonight!

Sniz said...

We live in Indianapolis, so we are HUGE Colts fans!! It was a great game! When they won the Superbowl last year, it was an exciting time in this city!

Ambrose Family said...

We have DISH (for similar reasons to you), and usually are happy with it. It goes out when there is any type of increment weather, but other than that we never have problems with it.

Congrats on the FF victory! Dan loves playing FF; maybe I should give it a try sometime. I'm learning to love (okay, SOMETIMES endure) sports, because I love my hubby so much. :)