Friday, June 06, 2008

A Couple More Wardrobe Thoughts & Questions

**For my 1 or 2 male readers, I apologize - this is definitely a girl-topic post.**

Is anyone else loving that long shorts are in this year? And that tops generally fit a little looser and are longer? I think it's great - not only does it hide the not-so-favorite figure areas but it's more modest and way easier to bend down to take care of the kids etc. Yay for fashion!

Another thing - a few of you mentioned undergarments being important and I totally agree! I find this to be absolutely the most frustrating thing to shop for. Any suggestions - brands, stores, etc.? It would also be great to find these things for a reasonable price - who really wants to pay $50 for something underneath?


Paula said...

YES, I love the long bermuda shorts..they hide the thighs.
My favorite bra is the Hanes Barely There. It doesn't have underwire. Its great for under casual stuff where you don't need a lot of "lift" :)

Catherine said...

Longer tops are definitely good, but I'm just not a shorts person except for exercising. Skirts are more flattering on me and more comfortable for me.

Here is my rant on foundation garments: Why oh why don't American manufacturers make 32 band sizes?!?!?!?! A 34 is too big for me, but I can never find a 32 unless I special order from somewhere. Bra makers in England make 32s, and I have a hard time believing that British women have significantly smaller ribcages than American women! The end. :)

Micah said...

Amen on the longer shorts and loose fitting shirts (mainly from a modesty issue, but also from a post partum issue =))! Try this site for really great tanks for underneath! They are actually long enough and high enough. I love them!

Alaina said...

Thanks, Micah! I visited the site and I think I'm going to order a couple - they are so cute!

Okay everyone, here's my problem. I HATE underwires even for dressing up. They never fit right. I've tried a variety of styles but still can't stand them. So if you have any thoughts... Oh and I'll definitely be looking for the Hanes ones - thanks, Paula!

Jenny said...

A day late and a dollar short -- we just got back from vacation -- but I LOOOOOVE the Hanes all-cotton bras. And I recently got a couple of Ambrielle ones from penneys (though they are underwire) and I like them.
Penneys tends to have a lot of selection, and they do have professional fitters who do a great job, though I have never quite gotten the nerve to go myself...