Monday, June 30, 2008

Planning for Another Week at Home

I was desperately hoping to plan some fun outings for the boys this week since we've been cooped up for a couple of weeks... Wouldn't you know that Patrick woke up sick this morning with a runny nose, cough, and sore throat. He gets the juiciest, grossest colds - eyes and nose just drip and he is not good at blowing. Ugh. This cold is lasting at least 5-7 days. The boys are going stir crazy and so is this mama.

So here are my hopefully fun, stay-at-home ideas for this week:
Finger Paint
Make a Fort
Put up their Tent in the backyard
Decorate Cookies (only the ones they will eat themselves :))
Make Construction Paper Flags (they are really into flags!)
Sidewalk Chalk
Have a Picnic in the backyard
Make Snack Mix
Do a Photo Shoot (okay this may be more fun for me than them :))

Here is my not-so-fun list for this week:
Vacuum & Dust
Clean Bathrooms
Mop Kitchen
Clean Our Bedroom & Boys' Bedroom
Go through Toys again - sort and donate
Organize Pantry & Kitchen
Donate More Things!

And here are my more fun things:
Finish 2 books
Have a Date-Night-In
Work on Blog
Plan Patrick's Birthday
Plan 2 Bridal Showers
Plan 1 Wedding Favor - What do you think, edible or not? I'm leaning towards the former.
Work on Menu & Cost for 1 Wedding Reception

It sounds like a lot and likely everything won't get done (I'm way behind from being out of commission) but at least I have an idea of what needs started. Hopefully we will be well enough to enjoy our 4th of July plans - Brownsburg Parade and Conner Prairie! I'm praying Andrew stays healthy. What's on your agenda this week?


Jen said...

Hope you all get better soon!

We are all going to Conner Prairie on Saturday night. You all won't there then will you? That would be funny..

Hopefully the weather will be great!

Heather L. said...

I'm sorry about the prospect of another week with that nasty cold! I'm glad you have some ideas, and I hope the week goes pretty well for you all. So, do you guys have water today? o urs is out! and with no warning. I think Michael's sermon was prophetic.

Maegan and Tony Van Sant said...

I have to tell you how nice it was to meet you all in Chicago at Kazapalooza!

Muriel and Jerry said...

You are a busy girl. Hope patrick feels better soon. Parade and fireworls and pancake breakfast in the park for us.

CityStreams said...

Being cooped up in the summer is rough! Can you at least go to the park? Take a blanket for the boys to lay on if they aren't feeling great.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Wow - busy busy week! I would go with edible because, in my experience, no one really likes the favor anyways. Like you don't know how many tiny picture frames or small yankee candles I have seen. Everyone likes some food! :-)

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Paula said...

Its good that you have your to do list, that is the first step. You are a busy gal. My agenda pretty calm right now. Hope Patrick is better soon, gotta hate those summer colds.

Barbie said...

It looks like you will be having fun even being cooped up. I know what you mean though, too many days of not getting out makes me so stir crazy!!