Sunday, June 01, 2008

Menu for this Week!

A true statement - menu planning does make me happy and it makes my family happy!

Today we invited my family (there were 16 of us!) over for my birthday and I cooked (with help from Noah & Liz) :) - I didn't clean up though and that's the best! I decided to do an appetizer buffet which was a lot of fun. It included mini burgers topped with fresh mozzerella, tomato, baby romaine, & balsamic mayo on soft rolls, garlic, chive, & cheese stuffed mushrooms, baked wontons, hummus & pita, baked brie w/apples, pears, and crackers, buffalo chicken tenders w/bleu cheese dipping sauce, fruit - strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, and raspberries, and veggies & dip. My mom made a yummy cake filled with raspberry filing! It was such a fun day - I spent it with some of my favorite people and ate some of my favorite food. :)

My favorite things to make are brunch, appetizers, and desserts. I don't make any of them very often but they are so fun to plan and and beautiful to serve! What do you like to make?

Anyway, on with the plan for the week:
Salad w/chicken tenders and leftover bleu cheese dipping sauce, Rolls, Fruit
Eggs, Toast, Fruit or Yogurt
Pizza w/sausage, onions, & peppers, Veggies & dip, Watermelon
Lo-mein, Egg Rolls
Black Beans & Rice

Andrew and I will have a date night this week - a rare occurence, I can't wait! For more menu ideas visit Laura's site. Have a wonderful week and enjoy spending time with your family around the table - they say it is one of the best ways to build relationships!

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Jen@BigBinder said...

Ooh, I love baked brie! But what I wanted to say was that I totally agree about the family sitting around the dinner table!