Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I know, a post on the weather is rather boring but hear me out. :) This has been the coldest, wettest, spring I remember. It has rained so much that I think we've maybe had our sprinkler on once for the garden. It is so dreary.

We've had several quite severe storms and our children don't sleep particularly well through them which means we don't either. Last night, Patrick said amidst tears, "No more thunder." We've too often been hearing the pitter-patter of feet as they run to our room and jump in our bed (thank goodness for king size beds) but then Calvin doesn't sleep at all. And while they are so sweet and we are so glad they feel safe and protected with us, we are tired.

Today, I braved the weather and headed out to some neighborhood garage sales with my good friend, Heather, and a couple of our sisters. We were soaked to the bone and cold but determined. The excursion was all the more memorable and fun because we spent the morning together - even taking a break for yummy waffles and hot drinks. It was worth it. My favorite find was a small cabinet/buffet for $5.

So, we are rained out. The roads are washed out in areas, people are being evacuated south of us due to flooding, and our yard is more than squishy. We are longing for sunshine and warmth. And we are longing for a night of sleep without interruption. Maybe next week?


Heather L. said...

Totally fun! I need to blog about it. I'm so happy about your buffet. And now it's looking clear!

Paula said...

I hope the weather clears up for you! I think garage sales are so much fun! Better than EBAY and cheaper.

list mama said...

I LOVE garage saling! The only problem is that now it may not be worth it to have to drive around to the sales.