Tuesday, June 10, 2008


10-12 loads of laundry done yesterday.
Washer hopefully arriving this week.
Short night - kids up all the time.
Calvin missing in the night.
Asleep on the floor in our bedroom doorway.
Much to do.

To-Do List for Today:
Finish folding laundry.
Put away massive amount of laundry.
Keep kids occupied and happy.
Protect the dog from said kids.
Put together donation bags for weekend.
Finish hygiene donation to deliver to Two Hearts.
Pack bags for the weekend.
Talk to insurance people.
Make doctor's appointments.
Clean bathrooms.
Make dinner.
Have a pedicure w/mom - a way overdue gift.

Yeah, I probably won't get a real blog post written today. :) Maybe tomorrow. Laundry is finally caught up after doing only the bare necessities over the past few weeks. Lots of towels, sheets, etc. No fun. Onward and upward. Coffee is a must. Pedicure will be a sweet end to the day. What's on your agenda?


Micah said...

I just remembered!!! I was going to give you some stuff for the Two Hearts donation! Your original post was at a super busy time for me and I just totally forgot about it. Reading your post today just reminded me. Am I too late?

Alaina said...

Nope - I'm taking it up on Friday. :) I can pick it up if you would like. Thanks so much!

Kevin & Amy said...

Hopefully the pedicure will make up for it. Those are heaven!

Rachel said...

That is a ton of laundry! I can't believe you got anything else done besides laundry.

I don't mind doing laundry- it's the sorting, folding and putting it away that bogs me down. :)