Wednesday, June 04, 2008


**I found this post that I started in November and never finished. I was again challenged by this quote and decided to go ahead and publish it.**

We should determine, then, to recognize and acknowledge all the gifts of the Creator: the glory of the heavens and the earth, of mountain, river, and sea, of forest and flowers, of birds,beasts and butterflies, and of the intricate balance of the natural environment. We celebrate the unique privileges of our humanness (rational, moral, social, and spiritual), as we were created in God's image and appointed his stewards; the joys of gender, marriage, sex, children, parenthood and family life, and of our extended family and friends. We appreciate the rhythm of work and rest, of daily work as a means to cooperate with God and serve the common good, and of the Lord's day when we exchange work for worship; the blessings of peace, freedom, justice, and good government, and of food and drink, clothing and shelter; and our human creativity expressed in music, literature, painting, sculpture and drama, and in the skills and strengths displayed in sport.

-John Stott, Fighting the Good Fight

I appreciate the all-encompassing nature of this quote. And while I would contend that our work and everything we do should be a part of our daily worship of God, I think that Stott's point is that on the Lord's day we rest from our normal labor and join in corporate worship. It's amazing how acknowleding the Lord in every aspect of our lives, leads to gratitude and appreciation for Him as our Creator and Sustainer.

This is also a great reminder that all of our gifts and abilities are given to us by the Lord. I truly believe that He enjoys seeing us use the talents He has blessed us with - whether that is cooking, writing, playing sports, sewing, fill in the blank. I think really seeing our abilities as gifts from an all-wise God and as pleasing to Him, should challenge us to make the time to put them to good use!

Much more could be observed from this quote but I think I'll close here.


Andrew said...

Recognizing, acknowledging, celebrating, and appreciating (the verbs in his quotation) - that's really what this blog is all about, isn't it? :)

Paula said...

Great quote. I try my best to REALLY look around me and appreciate the beauty that God has created. I am so grateful to Him for everything!