Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moms Aren't Supposed to Get Sick

You know how sometimes you have to choose between laughing and crying - I'm choosing to laugh. :) It's been a tough couple of weeks recovering from my herniated disk and literally the day I started feeling back to normal, I came down with a cold. Calvin and I are both sick with runny noses, coughing, sore throats, and tiredness. Patrick by all attitude and action indications is also getting sick. This morning the following things have taken place:

Patrick (wailing as only he can): Calvin, I want the Piston Cup. MOMMY....MOMMY....(insert sobs)
Me: I don't like the way you are complaining and crying. Why don't you try trading with Calvin.
Patrick (offers Calvin a tractor): Here Calvin.
Me: Calvin, Patrick would like to trade with you. Can you give him one of the cars you have? He would like the Piston Cup car. (Calvin quietly hands Patrick a black car with a broken but fixable spoiler). Okay Patrick, this is the one he is willing to trade you.
Patrick (again wailing): Mommy, I don't want the broken car. (Calvin then dumped all his cars on the floor for Patrick and only took back the broken car)
Me: Look Patrick, Calvin gave you the Piston Cup car and all the other cars.
Patrick (wailing & sobbing): I don't want the Piston Cup, I want the broken car...

No one, no one can win in this situation and an early nap time was the solution. Calvin remained silent throughout the entire interchange.

Calvin (crying in the family room): I don't want to eat.
Me (picked him up and carried him into the kitchen): Would you like a muffin? (already on the lunch menu)
Calvin: Yes.
The end. Lunch was eaten by all. :)

We have enjoyed numerous slow-motion fits on the floor for any number of small offenses, minor injuries, or unacceptable responses from mom like "No more crackers, we are going to eat lunch soon." They are careful to make sure I am watching them display their displeasure. I have found that ignoring is the best policy today or just picking them up and hugging them. They just don't feel good and they don't know what to do with themselves. We have enjoyed some cuddle time and books and right now, they are actually playing together nicely. Ah, the sound of peace - a tenuous sound under the current circumstances. :) Both had morning rest times and all of us will have naps this afternoon. Sweet rest.

So, I'm laughing inwardly at the ridiculousness of what is making them upset - it's good medicine and sure beats the alternative. Grace is good and I'm thankful for it today.


Jenna said...

I'm so glad you're writing down these little "moments." You're already laughing about them now, but I'm sure some day you and the boys will laugh about them together!

Heather L. said...

We could just change the names and post this exactly over on my blog. ugh! I think we are all tired of being stuck inside and we're all still feeling tiredy, cranky and whiny. Poor things -- I know it's the cold that's making them extra sobby and whiny, but it sure can be annoying. :)

Thad & Ann said...

oh I can identify with the car story. :) Our boys will do the same thing. Hope you all feel better soon.


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We met you at Kazapalooza, we live in N. Indiana(about 30m south of ND) I have enjoyed reading your blog. :)

Monica said...

You have had a rough month of it! I'm encouraged by your laughing instead of crying- I need to make that choice our time in the van tomorrow.

Kevin & Amy said...

Oh! I can TOTALLY feel for you. This scenario has been such a common scene at our house for the past 18 months. At one moment, Meredith wants X. You move heaven and earth to give her X and then she whines that she wants Y. When she gets Y, she wails even louder that all she ever wanted was X, which she just refused seconds earlier. You're right--you simply cannot negotiate with a whiny toddler.

Merrilee said...

Just keep laughing!!! It's the best medicine! And on that note, I hope that you all feel better soon!

Mama10EE said...

I had to laugh out loud at Patrick's final comment about the car....I am sure it was not funny at the time, but it sure is now! Isn't it most horrible to be sick in the summer? I hope you are all on the mend very soon!