Monday, June 02, 2008

A Tribute

Well, I'm officially loving my new ride. It took months and years to be okay with a minivan but I'm more than okay with it - I LOVE it! And I'm willing to admit it! :)

The sad part of this change was saying goodbye to our Honda. We didn't know it would be such a sudden farewell. It really was not in good condition and was an automatic that we were having to drive as a manual :), it had no air conditioning, no radio, and a window that didn't close all the way... But it was my first car. I bought it 6 months out of hygiene school with only 69,000 miles on it. I bought it the week before Andrew proposed. That was way back in 2001 - the car was already 10 years old.

That car took us on our honeymoon, moved us to Florida & back as our only car, and has been with us through building our house and the blessed addition of our sons. We put nearly 100,000 miles on it. We have lots of great memories tied to that car and we will miss it.

Goodbye dear, old, faithful car. You witnessed the beginning of our lives together. You brought joy to our children when they saw Daddy coming home in his red car (yes, it became his :)). And you lasted until we were able to replace you - yes, you have been replaced but you will never be forgotten. Thank you for your years of service.


Paula said...

I know what you mean I still miss my old truck. You'll have lots of room for kids in the van. Yea!!

CityStreams said...

Aww! We felt the same way about our Focus when it was unexpectedly>
But isn't it nice to be able to bring anything and everything along when you go out and about? I'm loving the mommy-mobile!

jennie said...

I want to cry. (chalk it up to hormones) I felt the same way when we had to get rid of the caddy. It is amazing how attached you become to your car. I did not care what it looked like or about the fact that it took about a minute to get up to speed. It was a part of our family.