Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pictures by Auntie M.

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keoghclan said...

Hi there. I have looked at your blog once before but did not have time to post. Your little men are gorgeous. They look to be so full of energy, divilment and love.....exactly what little boys should be full of!!

We live in Toronto, Canada and have one bio daughter Ashling and our Kazmanian devil Orin who we adopted from Almaty Region in April 2006. He is a little older than your boys and will be 3 next month. Your Patrick reminds me a little of our son. These Kazakh kiddies are all so different looking but all so so adorable.

I laughed when when I heard you talk about cars, talking and potty training. Exactly where we are with Orin!! We just moved him to a big boy bed last month and it is decked out in cars beddiing..........made the transition so much easier.

I will paste a link to our BLOG below. I have not been good at posting BLOGS but there are some recent photos from Christmas.

Thanks for sharing your little men....they are so cute.

The Keoghclan.