Monday, March 10, 2008

A Day in Numbers

Sometimes I think Mondays should be skipped, though I'm well aware that Tuesday would become the new Monday. :) Today was a full, crazy, and unexpected day. Sometimes lists are best:

1 mama wakes up not feeling the best - pesky monthly visitor
1 hot shower, thank goodness!
1 big mess of toys
1 aunt comes to stay with
2 boys
1 mama heads to work
1 sad boy cries
1 diet pepsi - too bad no diet coke
1 desperate phone call from the babysitting aunt due to
1 fall off a chair
1 forehead hitting table very hard
1 huge goose egg
1 mama waits to see if home instead of work will be the final destination
1 nana goes to check
1 boy okay
1 relieved mama
2 boys nap
1 friend's mom calls and brings friend over
3 boys 3 and under
1 mama comes home from work
6 hours of crazy chaos
3 boys having lots fun
1 mama still not feeling the best
1 wonderful aunt that fixed dinner and stayed for awhile
1 first floor vacuumed
1 daddy home late
1 upstairs cleaned up
1 Cars movie partially watched
1 friend picked up
2 boys not happy to go to bed
1 daddy taking care of them
1 tired mama thinks its Tuesday
1 mama in bed catching up on the day
2 parents watching a movie

Will they stay awake? Unlikely. :)


Mob said...

Sounds a lot like my day! It not easy being a mommy, but very rewarding.

Andrew said...

Actually, both parents did stay awake for the movie!

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

What a fun post! "too bad no diet coke" cracked me up, I opt for water when their is no diet coke. :) I watch my nephew two days a week and all the boys are under 3.....CRAZY but fun.

Monica said...

Today would be something like:
199 tickets
45 degrees
15 children
1 playland
6 hours of waiting
45 minutes late
10 pounds of butter (sweet!)
7 hungry, grumpy kids
1 exhausted me

Alaina said...

Great list and though my number of kids was less, my one was SUPER grumpy for the rest of the day. :) It was worth it. :)