Thursday, January 31, 2008

Changed Plans

How about the weather headed our way?! We actually cancelled our Bible Study due to travel advisories in effect for this evening and tomorrow - we really don't want highschoolers risking life and limb to be here. :) I'm thankful I had already done the cleaning downstairs - it just feels better. Even biology ended up being very low key due to half the class being sick (that means 1:)) - I only had one of the classes scheduled for today. So, today has turned out quite alot different than I planned. I'm kind of glad.

I called my office to see what the plan was for tomorrow only to learn that there are just a few patients scheduled and the other hygienist is willing to come in if the weather allows. I definitely thought that was great news! So, I'm home tomorrow!

This all combined into making my day much easier and tomorrow a pleasant surprise. Here's hoping that everyone will stay safe and enjoy a wonderful snow day at home - warm and relaxed. I think homemade soup and fresh hot bread for lunch will be the perfect meal!


Heather L. said...

I hadn't heard about the weather until now -- so it looks like ice and snow? Have fun inside!

Barbie said...

Awww, rest for the weary. ENJOY it!!

Monica said...

I love it when plans change for the better. And you get to enjoy your clean house to boot. Good for you!!

Mob said...

Its so nice when you don't have to go out in the ice and snow. I'm glad your plans changed for the better.