Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Highlights

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas...for more, check out the boys' blog.

The boys received cowboy hats and horses from G & G Falk - they were so excited! I have yet to get a good picture of them together with their hats & horses.
Opening Stockings - Lots of Surprises!
The biggest surprise was actually in the bottom of my stocking - rubies and white sapphires to design a ring with a fabulous jeweler here in town! So much for keeping it a small Christmas! Andrew and I were only exchanging stockings - I think he broke the rules even though it fit inside the stocking. :) I guess I'll let it slide. :) It's my Christmas and anniversary gift and I am super excited!

The boys still love Gerber puffs and we don't buy them anymore so these were a welcome treat!

The train table - they couldn't believe it was theirs! Very cute! They got busy playing right away and were thrilled to unwrap Thomas and Percy.

The sweet package from my boys to me with help from Daddy.

Experiencing the "magic" of Christmas together at my parents.


Mob said...

The cowboy hats and horses are cute. I can see how much they love the train table, what a great gift for them. They are so cute and they look like they get along well.

Ambrose Family said...

Happy New Year, Alaina!

What a sweet Christmas surprise from Andrew! Which jeweler will you be working with?

I hope the stomach bug doesn't spread to the rest of the family and that Andrew gets better soon!


Heather L. said...

how very exciting about the rubies and sapphires!!!

I'm sorry about Andrew -- that is a real bummer.

Alaina said...

Katie, we are using Petri's (sp?). He is a jeweler downtown that Andrew stumbled across and had my engagement ring done there - we also had him do our wedding bands! So nice and does beautiful work.