Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Reveal Details

Hope you are able to view the pictures of this major project below! We are thrilled with the results. Our goal was a place of peaceful retreat and we chose the colors based on what we liked and based on our year in Florida - we love the colors of the ocean and beach.

We are still waiting for our bed side tables (and then new lamps), our headboard and footboard, and one wall hanging (over the white chairs and bookcase). The furniture is supposed to arrive in the next couple of weeks - I can't wait! Oh and don't mind the box spring showing - we have a dust ruffle but can't put it on until the bed comes. :)

The bathroom and closet are close to being completed but we have had the flu this week and it seriously impeded our progress. :)

This room has to be my favorite that we've decorated. It was so fun watching our (well probably mostly mine but Andrew approved!) design ideas become reality and to create a space that is exactly what we wanted. It's a room that the whole family enjoys relaxing in - we've especially noticed that since we've been sick this week. :) Enjoy the brief tour of our newly found master retreat.


Ambrose Family said...

It looks wonderful! Serene and warm. Plus that mocha/blue color combination is one of my favorites. I'm very impressed! :)

Micah & Brad said...

It looks just a little bit different than the last time we saw it ;)

This is SO awesome you guys!!! I am so impressed! It looks like a Trading Spaces episode or something :). I bet you just want to be up there all the time - except that you don't want to mess it up :). Great, great job! Can't wait to see it in person - although I'd like to wait until you're sure all the stomach flu germs are gone :). So sorry you've all been so sick...

tom said...

Very nice. I thought I was looking at a catalog. :)