Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Plane Ride

Calvin decided to take his teddy bear on a short flight today and was even teaching the bear how to be a pilot. He was very careful and they had a safe landing back at home. :)

Patrick thought it looked like so much fun that he decided to follow his big brother's example.

It was entirely too much fun!

Patrick wanted to make sure his bear had his own photo shoot.


Karen said...

way too cute.

BTW you have just been tagged (see my blog).

Karen :-)

Mama10EE said...

Where did you get that plane from? It is SOOOOO cute! My dad was an Air Force fighter pilot for 28 years and even though we have a girl, she has LOTS of plane stuff!

Alaina said...

Hey Jennifer, I actually found it at a garage sale - sorry not to be much more help. We love it!

Mama10EE said...

Too is super cute. It helps that your boys make it cuter! :)