Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Okay, I've had several friends (Catherine, Monica, and Amy) who have written about the awesome deals they have been able to get at CVS. So now it's my turn. :) I've been so impressed with their savings and I've been wanting to give it a real try - I did a little over Christmas and did well but I was also buying stocking stuffers etc.

Anyway, today was the day. I poured over the ad, moneysavingmom, and my coupons and came up with a general plan. And for the most part, it worked! I realized afterwards that I probably could have saved a little more and if I had done it in more than one transactions, I could have also done better but there were a lot of people and I was too tired to break it up. :)

The really great thing was that the L'Oreal products that were B1G1 had some in each category that had 75% off stickers and there were no exclusions posted. So, I was able to get them B1G1 (the clerk did go check the signs but he was super nice about it :)) and use coupons which made them free. Yay! I came home with 2 mascaras, 2 lipsticks, and 2 foundation/powders.

According to my receipt, I saved $103.48, I spent $17.65 out of pocket, I received $13.50 in ECBs and 3 extra care coupons. Yep, I'm on a high. :) I'm really happy that they are all things we will use! And that the total included at least one thing that wasn't on sale, no ECBs, etc. and a few other things that we just needed. I'm sold. It may not be a weekly visit but I'll definitely be going back!

Oh, and the sales clerk was impressed at the 8 printouts. :)


Monica said...

Did you go to the CVS in your town. I was there last night and the clerk was giving me suspicious looks like it was a conspiracy or something:) It's just too good, is it not?

Andy & Angie said...

Alaina -

You've inspired me. Post-China, I'm going to give it a try. It always seemed to complicated to me, but now that I know a real-live person who did it, I'm going to try. I may come to your door with questions though as I try to figure out the process.

Heather L. said...

Good job!!!! Maybe someday I'll give it a try -- it seems like the new frontier -- especially since I can't get to thrift stores just now. :)

Ambrose Family said...

Wow, I am incredibly impressed!

Maybe eventually I'll work up the courage to try it. That kind of savings is amazing!

Alaina said...

Hey Monica - I actually went to the one in my parents town. :) Not too far away. Angie, anytime but I'm far from an expert. :)

I think what made it less overwhelming for me was not going in there and expecting to spend $0. I needed some things, had great coupons, and was able to stock up on a couple of really great deals. My goal is to save money and get as much for free (or very little) as I can but I'm also going to pick up the few other things I need - sometimes even if they aren't on sale. So for those of you who haven't tried it, make your own goals for doing it and don't be stressed if you don't do it like "everyone" else. :)

It's great and I am so glad for my great friends that talked me through it and encouraged me to keep trying!

Micah & Brad said...

I've been doing this since last fall, right before we moved here. It gives me such a high, and it impresses Brad so much to see what I come home with :). I have literally saved hundreds of dollars, and we haven't had to buy many, if any personal type items since I started... not to mention the "stock room" that I have. Brad was teasing me about having to "build bigger barns" for my CVS purchases :). I went in today and the cashier asked if she could come over to take lessons from me, and the guy behind me asked if he could send his wife over :). My new challenge for '08 is the $35/wk grocery challenge. It's worked so far, and been really fun! We'll see how long it lasts! This is, afterall, only my second week :).

p.s. I'm going to do better about posting my good deals! I love reading other people's!

Sniz said...

Wow, that's impressive. I've heard you can get great deals there...it's just so hard for me to get in the habit since I never go there.