Friday, January 11, 2008

An Obsession

Lately, there has been a major obsession at our house. It is at the forefront of pretty much everything. It has invaded our lives and even turned us in to crazy parents. What, you ask, could possibly hold such sway? One word: Cars. Yes, that adorable Pixar movie has taken over our lives. From books, to dvd covers and inserts, to toys, to conversations, to pull-ups, to sippy cups...not to mention the movie; it's everywhere and the boys love it!
The movie is cute but I spent the day after Christmas searching for a Mater truck - unsuccessfully I might add. You see, Calvin received Mater and Patrick received Sally and well, Patrick was distraught and could not understand why he couldn't have Mater. We tried to explain but he just couldn't get it - thus the trip to the store. It wasn't that he didn't like Sally, it's just that he really, really, really likes Mater. I finally settled on Fred, the rusty car and he was satisfied. Thank goodness! One crazy parent search over after at least 3 stores.

Possibly Overheard at all hours of the day and night: Which one do you like? Whoa, look at that! (for the 112th time!) :) Mater! Doc! Lightening!

I suppose I should just be grateful that it's a cute and appropriate film. And I will admit, it is adorable to hear them talk about it and to see them identifying the different characters. But movie nights are getting a little, um, dull. I mean how many more times will we watch it?! We tried buying them a couple of new movies for Christmas but even that hasn't worked.

The beauty of it all, is that they laugh, point, and exclaim at the movie every time they see it as if it's the first time. So...I guess I can handle a few more Cars movie nights in order to allow my children the full enjoyment of their favorite characters in the whole world!


Mob said...

That is so cute. I love that movie too! I think mater is my fav too!

Rebecca said...

Aha, we have the same issues! The cars are a hot item in our house too, played with every day and carefully lined up at night beside beds. :) How crazy is it? You know it's reached a certain point when even the kids can quote the movie. :)